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Science for Home-School Students

Science is critically important in the education of students. The study of the important issues facing us—such as water resources and quality, environmental preservation and restoration, and climate change—may enable today's students to address some of these issues in the future. However, students who are in homeschool programs have few opportunities to access labs, scientific equipment, and well-trained teachers.

Our Science for Home-school Students program is designed to address this need. Sierra Streams' educators and scientists provide standards-based instruction in the physical and life sciences in our classroom and lab at the Carriage House and in the outdoor "classroom" of Deer Creek. Students are more engaged in this kind of learning than are students in traditional classrooms because everything is hands-on, real, and relevant.


Our standards-based program offers hands-on scientific investigation of the Deer Creek watershed and all of the wildlife that makes its home there. Deer Creek's diverse habitat provides the opportunity for a multi-disciplinary, hands-on science curriculum that includes biology, earth science, and chemistry. All our classes offer unique learning opportunities:

  • Learn from real scientists. Staff scientist teach the curriculum and work directly with students.
  • Work in the laboratory. Students work in the Sierra Streams chemical and biological labs doing microscope work, insect identification, and chemical analysis.
  • Do hands-on monitoring and restoration. Students participate in active water-quality monitoring and restoration projects in the Deer Creek watershed.

Outdoor science education has been shown to be critically important in children's emotional, physical, and intellectual development. It's a great way to counter the lure of electronic devices, video games, and TV. To learn more about the importance of hands-on outdoor science education, read this article by one of our in-house science educators (originally published in the Northern Gold Country Parents' Resource Guide).

Examining macroinvertebrates from the creek.

Working together with SSI's scientists on current monitoring and restoration projects, students enrolled in our homeschool science courses use contemporary scientific research tools and techniques to collect and analyze scientific data outdoors and in our well-eqiuipped laboratory and classroom. Guided by our educators, students question, investigate, explore and discover. If your child loves to spend time outside exploring nature, seeking adventure, and participating in hands-on science experiments, our Homeschool Science Series will be a great fit!

Fall 2014
Watershed Science
  • Grades 1st–3rd
    Fridays 1pm–4pm
    September 19th – October 3rd
    Registration $75 (individual classes $30)
    Register here

In this class, students will become watershed scientists! They will work with Sierra Streams scientists and educators to explore our local streams and habitats. Lessons are hands-on, interactive, outdoors and include comprehensive activities all about watersheds. These activities will include lessons on the wildlife present in our local streams such as aquatic insects and fish, the plants surrounding these rivers, and the habitats in which these organisms live.

For more information about the homeschool science education program, email Education Coordinator Kelly Hickman at kelly[at] or call (530) 265-6090 ext. 207.

To register your child (or children) for this class, click here.

fall 2014 flyer - click to view

Flier for the Fall 2014 homeschool science class. Click the image for the full-sized version.