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Salmon Highlighted at 2016 Nisenan Heritage Day

“Return of the Salmon Doctor” is the theme of the 7th annual Nisenan Heritage Day, organized by the Nisenan Indians of the Nevada City Rancheria, CHIRP (California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project) and co-sponsor Sierra College-Nevada County Campus. The event will…
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Salmon and Steelhead in Deer Creek

Sierra Streams Institute is gearing up for another season of monitoring salmon and steelhead in Deer Creek.  Every year Chinook salmon and steelhead enter the lower Yuba River and Deer Creek to spawn.  SSI has been monitoring salmon and steelhead in Deer…
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Sierra Streams Institute and Lake Wildwood Collaborate to Provide Spawning Habitat in Lower Deer Creek

Sierra Streams Institute and the Lake Wildwood Association have been collaborating for over a decade on the management of Lake Wildwood reservoir, with the goal of protecting Deer Creek and downstream organisms, including Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout. We have…
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