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Deer Creek Watershed Restoration Plan

This important document, more than 300 pages long, analyzes and summarizes many years of scientific data and prioritizes future assessments and restoration work. Written in collaboration with the Tsi-Akim Maidu, its preparation was supported by a grant from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.

You can download the main portion of the Restoration Plan or contact us to receive the entire report (all chapters and appendices) on a DVD.

Publications & Reports

Sierra Streams Institute currently offers for sale The Bug Book: A Guide to the Identification of Common Aquatic Benthic Macroinvertebrate Families of California and Western North America. We have also written, with the collaboration of the Yuba Watershed Institute, an outdoor science curriculum entitled The Nature of This Place, which is available through Flicker Press. A number of reports describing the results of previous studies are also available for online reading and download on this page. As our various programs mature, we anticipate publishing several other books and guides. In addition, our research, monitoring, and restoration programs will continue to produce reports that we will make available to the public on this page.

A Guide to the Identification of Common Aquatic Benthic Macroinvertebrate Families of California and Western North America

The newest edition of our identification guide contains updated descriptions of 9 orders and 76 families of bottom dwelling aquatic insects. Every page has new explanatory color photographs and/or illustrations along with key taxonomic characteristics, biological information, California tolerance values, primary feeding groups, and tips to help you separate each family from similar ones. In addition, we have included a special chapter for 12 non-insect taxa with descriptions and images to aid identification. New to this edition are tables listing the distribution of each family throughout the Western states, revised pages on biology and metamorphosis, and an updated glossary. The Bug Book is printed in a user-friendly binder format with room for your own notes and comments.

Price: $95.00 plus shipping and sales tax

ATTENTION: Online ordering capability is currently broken. To place an order, please call us at (530) 265-6090 or send us an email containing your mailing address and phone number. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Bug Book

Curriculum Guide for Grades K-8

The Nature of This Place was developed and produced by Sierra Streams Institute and the Yuba Watershed Institute, collaborating under a grant from the Teichert Foundation. This standards-based environmental education curriculum for grakes K-8 was designed for students in the Twin Ridges Elementary School District, but is regionally based, so the lessons can be incorporated into classes or programs anywhere in the northern California foothills.  This project is aimed at increasing student participation in hands-on science lessons, using the Sierra foothills as an outdoor classroom.

The Nature of This Place is available for purchase or as a free download through Flicker Press.  Sierra Streams staff members are available to train teachers on how to implement the curriculum in their classrooms.  Please contact Rachel Durben at or (530) 265-6090 x252 for more information.

Download or buy the guide from Flicker Press

The Nature of This Place cover

The following is a list of our more recent reports. The management plans form the basis for much of our work.