Watershed Explorers (3rd-5th grade)/Sierra Scientists (6th-8th grade)

This is our oldest running program for the Sierra Streams Education program.  Both programs have a classroom and a field component where students discover their local watershed through scientific investigation.  In the classroom students gain a conceptual understanding of watersheds and the need to collect scientific data on our watersheds.  In the field students learn the skills and tools to collect water quality data, collect and ID macroinvertebrates, and learn their riparian plants.  Watershed Explorers is for the 3rd through 5th grade and Sierra Scientists is for the 6th through 8th grade.  Contact us today to get your students in the stream learning about their watershed!

Classroom lesson and field trips starting at: $500/class

Sierra Streams at Woolman- Environmental Science Investigation (K-8)

Sierra Streams Institute is moving!  And with that move we are rolling out an awesome new brand of environmental science education.  With over 230 acres on the Woolman campus of forests and meadows, ponds and streams SSI Education is launching the Environmental Science Investigations.  This is a new curriculum focused entirely on engaging student’s curiosity and imagination as they build their foundation in STEM knowledge.  Age appropriate student led investigations gives students the confidence to make scientific observations and adds a sense of purpose to the learning.  We are continuing the long-standing tradition of outdoor education excellence at Woolman with an investigation twist!

Field trips starting at $400/class